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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 2, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that's 105 meals free. call or click now. the big picture after the president put his prestige on the line. >> i urge you to choose chicago. choose america. >> the international olympic committee responded with this. >> the city of chicago, having obtained the least number of votes, will not participate in the next round. >> depression in the windy city and exhilaration in brazil. coming up, we'll have reaction from rio and around the globe. >> i could not be prouder of my home town of chicago. plus the political impact. republicans said it was a mistake for president obama to go to copenhagen and minutes after the olympic snub, the white house went into damage control mode. >> i'm not worried about the
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politics of it. any time you're going and making the case for the united states of america, you're doing the right thing. later, last night at 2:00 in the morning, a crucial senate committee finished marking up health care reform. >> this was conducted in a very gentlemanly and lady-like way and i want to thank you for that. >> we'll show you what's next. and the bizarre extortion case targeting david letterman. >> i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. >> all that and more on this hour on msnbc. >> good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, alex. i'm david shuster. hello from washington. >> i'm alex witt. cameron hall has the day off. >> the big picture, perhaps it was only fitting that the city of chicago would see its olympic bid fail today just days before the end of another major league baseball season. after all, fans of the chicago cubs, the lovable losers, are
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about to enyet another season without a world series championship and this will be the 102nd year in a row. the olympics for chicago still stings a lot. president obama arrived back in the white house about 45 minutes ago, after his whirlwind trip to denmark to lobby for the game. >> i believe it is only a worthwhile endeavour to promote and boost the united states of america and invite the world to come see what we're all about. we obviously would have been eager to host these game, but as i said, this nation and our athletes are still very much excited to compete in 2016. >> it was literally this morning when president obama arrived in copenhagen and put his presidency on the line by becoming the first u.s. president to lobby the ioc face to face. mr. obama and his wife urged the committee because of the humanity and the international spirit they said the city represents.
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>> it's a bustling metropolis with the warmth of a small town. where the world already comes together every day to live and work and reach for a drink. that's not just the american dream. that's the olympic spirit. the essence of the olympic spirit. that's why we see so much of ourselves in these games. that's why we want them in chicago. >> just hours later, chicago did not get enough votes to make it past the first round, turning an expected celebration in chicago's daily plaza into a wake. an hour after that came the final announce many from copenhagen. >> i have the honor to announce that the olympics are awarded to the city of --
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rio de janeiro! >> unfortunately, kanye did not jump on stage and shout that chicago still had the greatest bid. there was none of that. just a celebration by the people in copenhagen and rio de janeiro. while everybody can celebrate the breakthrough for south america which has never hosted the game, this is still a bid for the leaders. white house leader valerie jarrett and of course, president obama. nbc chief white house correspondent chuck todd joins us now. what are they saying in terms of all the reaction from republicans who are saying we told you so. you shouldn't have put the u.s. prestige, the prestige of the presidency on the line. >> they're trying to make lemonade. it's not a very good tasting lemonade, to be honest. the lemons that they were dealt here. they're trying to say, their spin is we won't polyjays for trying to promote america around the world. behind the scenes, is there
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probably some second-guessing? maybe a little bit. they came under intense lobbying from people like mayor daley in chicago who politically is really probably going to pay a bigger price for this than anybody else that was involved simply because he engaged so much of the city in this and put a lot of his own political stature on the line here. but i think they got to sit here and say it is better to have tried and lost than to be the president sitting in the oval office, watching the vote come in and finding out chicago didn't make and it having a whole bunch of appeal say we told you so, you should have gone. that's how they're justifying it. i think they realize it is a bad day. the worst news for them is that jobs number. and i think that you heard the president try to move from talking about the olympics, talking about the jobs. the thing about the olympics is that could not nation where the whole country was watching this little sales pitch by the president.
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you got the unemployment people down in the dumps about that. so the president could use a victory here soon. the health care thing is taking forever. it is certainly been a pretty tough fall so far. >> nbc news white house correspondent chuck todd. thanks for the update. we appreciate it. >> you got it. the white house is defending its decision to send president obama to copenhagen despite the first round loss in the voting. some republicans criticize the president for leading at a time when there are so many important issues on his agenda. but the president said, it is always worthwhile to promote the united states. republican national committee chair michael steele released a statement that reads --
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joining us now live, mark whittaker and nbc contributor jim warren. good afternoon to the both of you. mark, i'll begin with you. that's kind of an ouch coming from the republicans. what is the buzz in washington as to their reaction? we should say when you look at things that gauge a sentiment like twitter, immediately after the unemployment jobs number were released today. many aides as well as republicans were tweeting about that. and then immediately on chicago, the second chicago was given its loss in the 11:00 a.m. hour eastern time, again, the same kind of thing comes out there. how is all this being seen? >> well, you know the olympic decision was not good news for the president if michael steele did not take the occasion to go after it and really sort of moved on fortune employment numbers. they're going to let the white house hang out and defend that decision to go to copenhagen. i think it is a story that in
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and of itself will have legs. it will move on pretty quickly. i think it is indicative of a larger phenomenon. that obama power, the sheer power of the president's personality and the historic nature of his election really has not gotten him very far politically. either with the republicans in washington, with the bankers on wall street, or with the international community on something like the olympics decision. so i think that's something that is sinking in at the white house right now. >> i spoke with senior white house aide, the adviser, david axelrod earlier, and i said is this a referendum on president obama? ? a referendum on how americans are viewed globally? and he said absolutely not. do you agree? >> i agree. i think mayor daley would have hoped the international popularity of president obama would have trans laid to more votes but this was an unusual electorate.
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mostly white older european males with distinct ties to various other constituencies. it would be tough. i looked at michelle obama and you look in the crowd. what? 14 women, i think, out of about 106 voters? so this was not a necessarily a referendum on obama and all along, i just thought that rio was going to be the winner. madrid was probably a close second. remember the last time it had the most votes the first round against london. so i think for folks to beat up on obama for this failure, you can just as well say, hey, why didn't you show up two or three days earlier rather than just come for a couple hours and look like you were just dropping in real quickly and then scooting back home? >> i know david will ask a question. real quickly, just so peel know, in the first round of votes, madrid did have the lead. they were beating out rio by to votes by the time the second round happened, they had dropped to second. by the third round it was all over for rio. any way, david?
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>> i was going to ask, the polyis intriguing. we talk about it all the time. does this reinforce the idea? i suppose there might have been some question the president should have gone earlier. they were going to criticize him regardless. does that signal now that everything this president does, there will be those in the conservative media, sort of echo claimer and some on capitol hill that will take issue with it. no matter what the issue. whether it is speaking to school kids, regardless. >> i was talking to a veteran of washington yesterday who was saying that there are some elements in the republican party now who are like the lawyers, when the facts are on their side. when the law isn't on their side, they'll arresting to you facts. when meets the one is on their side, they'll just pound the table. i think there is an element of that rejectionism. not throughout the republican party but it is in a large part of it right now. and the fact is, they've been pretty successful with that so i don't think you'll see it end. >> all right. mark whittaker, thanks so much.
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what we were talking about earlier, if we look at rio, i think what we were discussing, is that it is not so much about chicago not getting it but about rio de janeiro getting the olympics. the fact is, south america has never had an olympics. it makes great sense. they've done a wonderful promotion and a wonderful bid for it. a wonderful campaign. i think if you look at it that way, maybe all this rhetoric will die down, do you? >> i actually think that people like rush limbaugh and the rest, i think they know that. there is a political benefit to them saying president obama has been rejected on the world stage, as rush limbaugh did today. and you can, if you're going to say, we're going to play politics with everything, you expect that sort of thing to come out of them. what team is everybody on? this would have been great for america to have the olympics in chicago. it would have helped their prestige. yes, the concerns about whether there would be an check boone or
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not. to be so partisan about everything really creates such a toxic environment for everybody. i don't think it helps the country. >> can we get back to the economy? and the letterman scandal. the man accused of trying to blackmail the late night talk show host is in court. you'll find out how he answers the charges against him. >> plus, looking for a hero. are the republicans looking to the skies to find a candidate to run for office? and we'll go live to rio. the city that beat chicago. it's ahead. when i first saw the new outback it looked so different to me. but when i got back from my first trip... ...the look was unmistakable.
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i have the honor to announce the game of the 31st olympiad are awarded to the city of -- rio de janeiro! >> as we look at the immediate reaction to the announcement again, a little more reporting coming in now from air force one. apparently robert gibbs told reporters that president obama heard that chicago had not made it while he was watching on television aboard air force one. so you can imagine how disappointed and frustrating the rest of that trip must have been. and while it is frustrating for the chicago crowd, exhilarating an hour later.
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>> chicago's loss is certainly rio's gain. residents in bras little clearly elated by the decision. nearly 50,000 people in fact were cheering big time when the announcement was made. the win for rio means south america will finally get a chance to host the olympic games. rio beat out the finalist madrid in the last round of voting by the ioc. and now from rio de janeiro, he has been there all day covering this event. and a good afternoon to you, our time there. how are people reacting? what are they saying about the decision? >> reporter: it was a huge, huge win for rio de janeiro. obviously, i was on the beach in front of the press riser as they made the announcement. the crowd went absolutely wild. it was a scene of cheers and tears as well. people very emotional. folks here in rio very connected to sports in general and were thrilled to have this honor. it was a huge win, a huge get
4:18 pm
for them. this party started hours before the decision was made and it continues at this hour. i'm about three blocks away from the actual speech and you can hear from this hotel coming through the windows in the front door, the music and the excitement and cheers. people are still streaming up and down. people are still headed to this beach. it will be a long celebration tonight. >> you can imagine. you have a few years for everything to come to fruition. a lot of people say that rio put together an outstanding presentation in making the case for their bid. but that also it was the history of the olympic games. never having been hosted by a country in south america. is that what people say pushed the ioc to pick the city? >> to be quite honest, alex why the ioc made the ├ž├│decision, they're just thrilled that it is coming here. as you mentioned, south america has been picked by the ioc several time in the past. rio had a bid in 2004 and 2012.
4:19 pm
they've had four bids in toll but they have lost. the folk here are glad the ioc has finally decide that had south america gets its turn. it is home to some 400 million people with a huge day for them here. and although they are, they had some concerns they were going to lose to north america again, they say they really aren't too concerned with how or why the ioc reached their decision. they're just thrilled the game are coming this way. >> with the bikini weather, it he might want to ask these questionsful are people dress that had way? >> reporter: i think in rio, it always seem to be bikini weather. when the game are here in the summer of 2016, it will be nice and warm. probably mid 70s now, a bit overcast. it was a sunny day for most of the day out there. >> when i was there five or six years ago, there was a tremendous infrastructure problems. even at the beach, not enough hotels. how much work do they have to do to get ready in the next seven
4:20 pm
years? never mind the infrastructure. the crime and the concern about the 2,000 murders a year. what are they going to do about it? >> reporter: it has been said about $14 billion worst of work has to be done. they have the infrastructure in place. they have the pan american game in 2007 two years ago. they say they're ready for the worldwide stage now. but certainly they need to build several more facilities there. more than two dozen venue that's need to be built here. and then david, as you mentioned, the crime was a big issue. when you landed the international airport, and you drive out to rio, you pass the slum area of rio. and they're on both sides of the freeway. they litter the area. you're staying at a nice beautiful hotel at the beach and right across the street, you can see the shacks that go up into the mountains. that's certainly a big concern. rio worried that the slums will also be on full display. they say they will address the security issues, the poverty issues and the infrastructure over the next few years. they say those are concerns but they will be ready.
4:21 pm
>> and they have some time to get it done. all right. thank you so much. >> reporter: no problem, guys. >> i know you wanted to ask the bikini question. >> different kinds of bikinis they have there. >> i really don't want to go there. no. thanks. anyway, just ahead, a very different story. a very different city. how folk in chicago are reacting to today's heart breaking news about the olympics. later in the show, a report on the humanitarian disaster in indonesia. the massive earthquake there has left hundred of people dead and official say thousands more may be trapped in the rubble. we'll have an update.
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welcome back. president obama is disappointed by chicago's loss but still proud of the city's bid for the 2016 olympics. still, the ioc's decision is a kick to the gut for the residents of chicago and to the city's prestige.
4:25 pm
they came with a superior bid. certainly in terms of financing, transportation, hotels, infrastructure, also public safety. and the big os, obama and oprah. and as anticipation was growing, thousands came to the chicago daily center to participate in what was supposed to be a victory party. the president's last-minute visit to copenhagen they thought would seal the deal. >> we are so saddened by that. we really wanted it to be here in chicago because we needed the uplift for the city and we are really disappointed. >> mayor daley has done so much for the city and w the improvements and we really wanted to be here to bring the job and the economy back up. >> john joins us now from chicago. you made your way out of daley plaza where there are a bunch of glum faces. how long did it take people to disperse? do you think people will accept it and move on or will this sting for a while. >> i don't know. first, it is not bikini weather here in chicago today.
4:26 pm
so a little cold and dreary today. after they got that announcement, then that chicago has fallen out of the first round which was a real stunner. it a lot of people did think rio was going to be a tough competition but i don't think anyone thought chicago would be eliminated in the first round. people did start leaving from the daley plaza. and we are here back in the bureau because they're tearing it down. they're tearing down -- not the plaza. the set-up. the risers and everything for the press and the camera crews were being torn down early. because people have left early. it was a great surprise. a lot of disappointment. it that particularly when they knew or learned that president obama was going to make the final pitch, in copenhagen, there was a great sense of optimism here that perhaps that he wouldn't go unless he knew or had a good sense the united states, that chicago's bid would win. but people are sportsmen here
4:27 pm
just as miguel talked about, the connection to sports in rio. but there is also a sense, a sort of a sense of understanding, that there is disappointment. i heard one man on the phone to a friend saying he felt like he feel after every cubs game. when he heard that chicago had dropped out. but also the chance started up on the plaza. 2020, which i guess is the olympic equivalent of wait till next year. and mayor daley said 2020 is not out of the question. >> thank you so much for that reporting. john yang from the chicago bureau. after four years, $48 million invested and trying to get it for this time forecast they do decide to go for 2020, they have a lot of the ground work laid for that. good idea. >> absolutely. after 102 years without a world series championship, cubs fans are very patient. still ahead, after seven days and 135 amendments, did the senate finance committee in
4:28 pm
washington actually get anything done on health care? we will go live to capitol hill for the latest. then late night bomb shell. we'll hear from the lawyer of the man accused of trying to blackmail david letterman over sexual relationships of women on his staff. for all the moments that make every day special. fancy feast introduces an entirely new way to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. new fancy feast appetizers celebrate the moment.
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this is cnbc market wrap. stocks ening the day slightly lower. the dow down 21 points. the s&p 500 off by 4. the nasdaq down by 9. the unemployment rate rose to neighbor.8% last month. that's the highest since 1983. the labor department says employers cut 263,000 jobs in september. that's up from a 201,000 loss in august. a new report from the commerce department shows american manufacturers are struggling to emerge from the recession. new orders to u.s. factories fell in august. the largest am in five months.
4:32 pm
demand for manufactured goods dropped .8%. that was much worse than the .7% gain expected. and there is a six-member panel to replace ceo ken lewis. it will consist mainly of older member who survived last year. he announced that he would be retiring at the end of the year. that's it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. now back to msnbc. welcome back. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> and i'm alex witt in new york. >> in the big picture, the health care battle. the senate finance committee had a debate. the senators voted a final series of amendments to a bill that was put together by chairman max baucus. in all, nearly 500 different changes were considered. although most were not vote on. the two-week long hearing was
4:33 pm
emotional and highly charged. despite deep and lingering frustrations over what it still includes and still doesn't, the end of the hearing was marked by traditional senate -- >> there is a problem that the people on my side may not vote for next week when we vote on it. do i want to applaud you for the fair process you had. there are just a few moments of tension, but for the most part, this was conducted in a very gentlemanly and ladylike way and i want to thank you for that. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> so the committee will stand in recess until 10:00 tuesday. >> so what will happen next week and what has changed? kelly o'donnell joins us in the studio. what will happen and has
4:34 pm
anything changed the last two weeks? >> it is nice they're taking a quiet day so i can be here with you. thing have changed. there is momentum with. the more conservative version, what happens next, they're waiting on what is known as cdo scoring. the congressional office will look at what they have done for the price tag of each of the elements of the blueprint. that's a big, big deal when they find out how much it costs. the next step is for the committee to vote on it. we've seen these folks thrash it out and having these conversations. they have to vote. the full senate begin to look at it. and a lot of what will happen next will not be on camera as we're able to watch these hearings. harry reid, the majority leader, will be doing a lot of negotiating with top democrats and the white house to put together everything that has been done on the senate side to create yet another version of health care. so we have a ways to go. >> a lot of the progressives, frustrated that max baucus didn't include a plan. frustrated that they didn't get
4:35 pm
the votes in this hearing. what is the likelihood that reid will down the votes and say it wasn't with max baucus, but with the plan, it will be there. >> if you read the body look, the public statements and he go we're getting from the majority leader's office, what he talked about is a bill that can pass. when you look at his history, he's been a vote counter in the senate for a long time. a deal maker. that's a big part of the job. he believes at least where we sit right now, that the votes are not there for a public option. the house certainly has a lot more interest in it and perhaps the white house can weigh in one way or another and give everybody on capitol hill some final direction. but if you look at everything harry reid is saying, it does not appear a public option is likely. >> we saw the collegiality at the end. what was your favorite moment of all the we're stuff that happened? >> i'm so glad you asked. i watched hours and hour and hours of this. sort of a geek who likes these thing. i had fun. twice they sang happy birthday
4:36 pm
to fellow memberful to hear chuck grassley singing happy birthday to kind of fun and quirky. when you talked about the politeness of the senate, there were times when he could see they were gritting the treated. my friend across the table. use the language of civility and sometimes get flared up a bit. they would try to catch themselves. what you saw was real compromise. there were a lot of people who weren't happy with how it ended up. some of the moderate democrats and the republicans. and max baucus feels that he has been thank you long, long slog. >> certainly people on both extremes get so angry when they see them shaking hand or even hearing that they're shaking hands across the aisle. >> thanks so much. great work as always. and we'll of course be talking to kelly o'donnell as it moves toward a bill and then to the senate and the goerktsz continue. alex? >> in today's close-up, david letterman's bomb shell. minutes ago, a producer with the show "48 hours" pleaded not guilty to trying to blackmail
4:37 pm
david letterman for $2 million. robert joe hallerman is charged with attempt extortion. >> this story is far more complicated than what you heard this afternoon. this story is far more complicated than that two-minute statement by the assistant district attorney. but again, it is not time to discuss it. >> the late night host will his audience last night that he had sexual relationships with female employees. the audience seemed somewhat confused as letterman mixed in jokes as he described what he called the creepy stuff. the extortionist threatened to reveal. >> the creepy stuff was that i have had sex with women who worked with me on the show. now, my response to that is, yes, i have. and would it be embarrassing if it were made public? perhaps it would. perhaps, especially for the women.
4:38 pm
>> letterman said he needed to protect his family and hopefully protect his job. he married his long time girlfriend last spring and they have a 5-year-old son. jeff has been following these developments. the suspect, his alleged extortion attempt. what do we know about this guy? >> we know he is a producer of "48 hours" and we know he's been there a long time and he is pretty well liked. he is an emmy award winning producer. he work on september 11, the terrorist attacks. he's done a lot of thing and he is pretty well liked at cbs news. he's been there a long time. we know within the arraignment in the last half-hour, in lower manhattan, the bail has been set at $200,000. and a restraining order, as you can imagine, has been issued so he can't go anywhere near david letterman. we know he did live at one point with a woman who works for the david letterman show. could that be the motivation here if it is true? we don't know. and david letterman, he said the
4:39 pm
women who he did have sexual relationships with can come forward if they want. he said it is their prerogative. as far as we know, he is not saying. >> so this guy got access to his car. it was his home, right? >> right. >> 6:00 in the morning. who knows? at 6:00 in the morning -- i don't know if david letterman takes a car service to work or his own car but this was on the back seat. david letterman said on his car, 6:00 in the morning, there is a note that says i've written a screenplay about all the terrible things you've done, and not only have i done that, i have proof of all the terrible thing you've done. and obviously, david letterman thought the proof was pretty good, good enough for letterman got to the office and call his lawyer. they set up a meeting at a hotel suite at a pretty posh hotel here in new york city. they have a meeting. they decide the guy is serious. they called the manhattan d.a.'s office. letterman didn't even think, let me just pay this guy off. this could be damaging to my family and my career. he goes to the manhattan d.a.'s
4:40 pm
office. they set up a sting operation. and so they have a sting operation where they say they have halderman on tape, according to the prosecutors here in manhattan. and offering this money. getting this money from letterman. letterman cuts him a check for $2 million. a phony check, a fake check. letterman said this guy is walk around new york city with a $2 million check. he goes into his bank in connecticut and dozen it is it. of course it bounced because it was phony and he was arrested outside cbs news headquarters on the west side of manhattan on 57th street yesterday. >> you talked about the concern that he had about making this go public. if true, this guy was trying to extort $2 million. i don't care how much money you have. that's going to make you mad. >> he was probably looking at how much money david letterman makes. $2 million enough to change my life, but he'll probably pay it to not damage his career or his family. but he was wrong if it is true. >> jeff, thanks so much. and david, and jeff, you should
4:41 pm
know, i was talking to john nick on the. he said he just made bond. that $20,000. he's out. >> so he will be out walking the streets this week, although he won't be out in public. what do you think? >> i don't think he'll go in public. >> he will be with the producers he use to work with. let's go to the disasters halfway around the world. shipments of food, water and medicine are reaching the victims of the tsunami that struck samoa. four giant waves leaving the sea side villages decimated. the death toll rose today to 169. in indonesia, the united nations now puts the death toll at 1,100 from the powerful quake that struck on wednesday. the magnitude 7.6 quake rocked the island of sumatra. now two days later, a 19-year-old student and a teacher were pull from the rubble of a collapsed college building. they were described as conscious and threatening life-threatening injuries.
4:42 pm
>> reporter: this is now a common sight. as night fall, people gather in shelters. people are afraid to go home. they fear an aftershock may bring the buildings down. the number dead is at least 1,100 people. the indonesian health ministry said as many as 3,000 could still be buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings. the search for them continues. and it is a grim, slow, painstaking calm. there appears to be a shortage of digging equipment. in one building, a collapsed school. they're still searching for as many as 20 students who may be buried there. a hotel collapsed, as did part of a hospital. an estimated 500 buildings in total. tonight the search continues and the death toll is expected to rise sharply. back to you.
4:43 pm
>> thank you for that. residents of the philippine are bracing for yet another disaster there. a so-called super typhoon is bearing down. thousands are fleeing low lying areas. it come just a week after flooding and mudslides from another tropical storm left nearly 300 people dead. coming up nell, our face-off on president obama and the olympics. will failure to bring home the game have any effect on his political agenda? and then john boehner said the public option and health care reform is about as popular as a garlic milkshake. now the garlic lobby is raising a stink about boehner. let me tell you about...
4:44 pm
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and find out about... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. a personal health insurance advisor is waiting for your call i believe it is always a worthwhile endeavour to promote and boost the united states of america. and invite the world to come see what we're all about. we obviously would have been eager to host these games. but this nation and our athletes are still very much excited to compete in 2016. >> that's president obama about an hour ago in the white house rose garden after chicago lost its bid today for the 2016 summer olympics, despite the president's personal pitch in copenhagen this morning. mr. obama was the first u.s. president to lobby the olympic committee face to face and put presidential prestige on the
4:48 pm
line. so in today's face-off, a big political one or just the simple agony of defeat when it come to trying to get the olympics game. here to face off, the former mccain spokesman. ben, let's start with you. do you want to tell the democrats, we told you so? >> no, you know, i think that this would have been a personal thing, i'm from the illinois area. it would have been great. i think it is a humbling defeat for the president who hasn't really suffered any since his national debut in 2004. from a strategic standpoint, it does make you wonder why the white house was willing to risk so much political capital when the stakes were high. and i do think that republicans today can make a case that the scoreboard is not in favor of the president if you look at where the support is for health care reform and if you look at the state of the job report today. but none of this is going to, in the grand scheme of thing, make a big drastic effect on the president, his approval number,
4:49 pm
his agenda, et cetera. >> bill, your view? >> well, ben i think makes a good point in term of the lasting effect of this. by sunday morning, when we're all turning on the tube to watch the football game, this will be a blast from the past. i'm proud of the president. i'm proud of what he did. i think had he not gone and we still lost, the republicans would be throwing arrows at him. it barack obama and michelle did a tremendous job. oprah winfrey did a great job and we were the favorite going in. it just so happened that it is rio's turn. it is their time. south america's time and we should give some credit where credit is due. >> here's what the "boston globe" that about the president's trip to copenhagen. and grand they are very conservative. americans don't like to see their leaders appearing rash or weak. if the olympic committee rejects the president, obama becomes just another failed salesman. it is a mistake for him to sink so much into a cause that may not even need his help.
4:50 pm
he should have stayed home. the president did say a couple of weeks ago that he wasn't intending to go. he was going to stay home and send michelle. so the point about it beak being rash, that's accurate, isn't it? >> i think this is the "boston globe." it is like fox news saying this was a mistake. there is no news here. michelle obama did a tremendous job. she was well received. every leader of every country that was vying for this was there. so it would have been very obvious if the president was not there. and i think it would have been embarrassing. and the president hit the nail on the head in the rose garden a few moments ago. any time he can sell this country anywhere in the globe, he will do it. he made the right decision, unfortunately, we came up with a zero today. >> the republican response, there were some republicans who were circumspect like themselves but there were others that were positively gleeful that chicago got reject. and then there was talk radio that that the reject of mr. obama. conservative talk radio and those republicans in congress who are celebrating this loss, do they do the republican party
4:51 pm
any good? >> i think this could call this a a repudiation of the president is a bit drastic. i think you have to look at what the president put up. a lot of political cap. bill is right. on sunday, we'll be watching football. this won't be a big deal. you have to wonder why they didn't just send the first lady. why she didn't carry the same clout that the president did. and i think that you certainly don't risk any political capital if you just send michelle obama. >> i agree everything with both of you said but i don't think the people in chicago will forget about it on sunday. especially if the bears -- >> you're right. >> anyway, thank you both. we appreciate you coming on. alex great to have smart analysis on the end of the show. a lot of politics to what the white house did in this and a lot of politics that they are losing because chicago lost. >> yeah. and again this is not at all to underride what the first lady's
4:52 pm
people were doing. had it been lost and the president did not to go make the pitch, he would have been criticized for that. on a personal note, he probably would have thought could i have made that difference? it is what it is. it is done. it can't be undone. lets move forward, don't it? >> go bears. >> go dodgers. that's if wrong thing. up next, some things we thought you should know. sarah palin has a cover for her book and john bainer is in trouble with folks who love garlic. chris matthews has more on the stunning new revelations on the sex scandal surrounding senator john ensign. he looks like he may have violated criminal law. "hardball" coming up in about seven minutes.
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
if the gop wants a here over-the-counter they'll have to keep looking. the hill reports the republican leaders tried to recruise u.s. airways captain sully sullenberger to run across jerry mcinerney. however, the registered republican said no thanks. he was hail a hear over after landing the jetliner in the new york hutd son river back in january. all 105 people on board survived the ordeal. >> i have a feeling the pressure of that landing could not be compared to what would drive him crazy if he was in congress. >> i was thinking the same thing. he so doesn't want to go there. given what we'll have been talking about today, it is he is better in the cockpit. that's for sure. >> we now know the title of sarah palin's book, going rogue.
4:57 pm
today thanks to the publisher, we found out what the cover will look like. it features a casually dressed shot with if blue 65 alaska behind her. the memoir come out november 17th but it is already a top seller online. what doubt she is looking at in the sky? >> i don't know. i was looking to see if there was a shot of it. maybe up to the heavens to the future. i was surprised she wasn't seen with her typical trademark hairdo with the front part up and that sort of, you know, bump thing in the back of her head. just saying. house republican leader john boehner has garlic lovers stinking mad with his criticism of the public option and the health care reform bill. listen to what he says that has people from the garlic festival all fired up. >> i'm still trying to find the first american to talk to who is in favor of the public option. other than a member of congress or if administration. this is about as unpopular as a
4:58 pm
garlic milkshake. >> hmm. the executive director of the gilroy garlic festival says, i would invite him to our festival and would urge him to try the garlic ice cream. this year's festival is held in july. no word on when next year's event will take place. those are the things we thought you should know. garlic ice cream. would you try it? >> i've heard it is terrific. and i've known people from gilroy and i've want to try the various products. >> i worked there as a reporter and i was forced to try it. it was a one-time deal for me but i'm just saying. anyway, after hundred of hours of debate, the senate finance committee was posed to vote on the health care reform bill. the stories you'll be watching heading into next week. >> that's right. mike viqueira. what do you have for us? >> sometime next week after a marathon session in that senate finance committee mark-up,
4:59 pm
they'll finally get around to voting on it, sending it to the senate floor. it is presumed it will happen. first the congressional budget office has to score it, find out how much it will cost. find out if olympia snowe will be interested in voting on it. all eyes on those two. and in particular, olympia snowe as a republican. monday is the first monday in october and that 19 supreme court will be meeting for the first time this session. they had that very extraordinary session a couple weeks ago where son son sonia made her debut. he has anchored the left of the court for many years and a lot of speculation over whether he will retire. the dalai lama visits washington next week on. tuesday he'll be visiting the united states capitol where he will receiver the first of human rights prize, of course, naming after the late northern congressman tom lantos.


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